About the NH photographers group

A unique expertise, renown all over North America and beyond

Founded in 1974 by Normand Huberdeau, the NH photographers group is now a group of over 150 photographers present in the country’s main regions. Large and small companies rely on our services in Montréal, Québec, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, as well as all over Canada and the United States.

Know-how and talent

Corporate and event photography is a true specialty, because companies’ and organizations’ brand images matter too much to be left to amateurs.

One only needs to speak for a few minutes with the founder of the NH photographers group, Normand Huberdeau, to understand the complexity of the field. It’s important to choose the right equipment, to learn how to anticipate an event’s progression and to understand people’s enthusiasm.

To photograph a corporate event or product launch is to capture a company’s full energy.

Satisfied customers

We are proud to say that the company has been doing little to no advertising for the past 10 years, because our satisfied customers do it for us, by word of mouth.

With the NH photographers group, our pictures are proof of our expertise!