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Are you interested in working a lot? Do you dream of being able to focus on the quality of your pictures instead of spending all your time trying to find freelance work? Are you convinced you have the potential to bring professional photography to the next level?

A group of professional photographers, both minded and photographically capable,  easy to communicate with, makes you feel good to know you have pros next to you while you work. My experiences with Normand sum up as thus;  gentleman, a professional and a great photographer.”

Travailler pour le Groupe NH Photographes, c’est avant tout l’opportunité de faire partie d’une équipe, de partager et d’échanger nos connaissances sur le terrain. C’est aussi la possibilité de travailler sur des événements d’envergures et de rencontrer des gens issus de tous les milieux. C’est dans une ambiance de travail chaleureuse que Normand le président et la direction mènent la gestion de l’entreprise, toujours là pour nous soutenir, peu importe le mandat.

Working for the NH photographers group allows you to benefit from great coaches and trainers, in a stimulating environment. It’s a unique occasion to test your people skills, your resourcefulness and your creativity, while enjoying the stability that being associated with a well-established company can bring.

Do you have what it takes?

If we work together, it’s best to be forthcoming from the start: at the NH photographers group, we ask a lot from our photographers.

To work at the NH photographers group, you need to have a great attitude. If you don’t like adapting to new situations, if you don’t like to always be in learning mode or if you don’t like people, then we aren’t meant to work together.

We hire qualified or experienced photographers that we allow to become experts in a fascinating and useful field of photography.

Typical portrait of the NH photographers candidate
  • Bilingual (French and English) or even better, multilingual;
  • Quick;
  • Has good judgment;
  • Adapts easily to new situations;
  • Accepts criticism;
  • Wants to continually improve him/herself and want to get the most out of continued training.

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