The NH photographers team

A great team of specialists

The NH photographers group is a team of over 150 photographers, and it’s always growing. Our company hires photographers from all over the country, because our clients are present in Montréal, Québec, Toronto, Vancouver and elsewhere.

Our photographers are true experts in corporate and event photography.

To get to that level of expertise, each photographer that joins the team is trained according to the NH method, based on an experience that spans over 30 years of corporate and event photography.

Photographers trained to answer companies’ needs

Have you ever invited a photographer to an event to notice that he was hogging all of the attention?

Have you ever discussed with a photographer concerning your needs to realize that the photographer didn’t want you to disturb his “art”?

Have you ever been embarrassed to see a photographer dressed in torn-up pants, walking amongst your special guests?

If so, you know that a different way to take corporate and event pictures does exist. The NH method guarantees that you always get the same high standard service with each of its NH photographers.

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