Unfortunately, the year 2022 is starting the same way as the previous one! We thought we were done with these confinements, curfews, load shedding, vaccinations, N95 masks and all these terms that we hear too often and for too long…

But never mind, the NH Photographers Group still offers you the same professional, courteous, efficient and innovative services, but it will simply be for a little later in the year.

On the other hand, the virtual events will certainly continue and the professionals of NH Photographes are available for all your needs in stage photography, in a discreet and completely safe way. Take note!
In the meantime, let’s keep our spirits up, be careful, stay healthy and continue to dream of better days…

Here are a few photos taken last fall, photos that show us what was going on before the arrival of the Omicron variant, knowing that it will not prevent us from smiling and meeting again for a long time!

We wish you a Happy New Year despite everything!

The NH Photographers team

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