If you’ve spent any amount of time with Normand Huberdeau, you already know that he’s an engaging, devoted and passionate person. You also know that he’s a veritable chatterbox of remarkable generosity, almost impossible to stop!

A very talented photographer since his early childhood, Normand has built a very enviable reputation. Over five decades, he’s served thousands of clients, while training hundreds of photographers who have worked for him. Eager to innovate, he has recently added Photobooths and various original concepts to his service offering.

Normand was born under the innovation star

Last March, Normand was able to revive his business as he faced the cancellation of all his events and photography-related contracts. Indeed, he quickly targeted the market of personalized masks, responding to an ever-growing demand. The results were immediate and we must admit that he hit the nail on the head once again!

However, Normand didn’t stop there. In addition to masks, he now offers many quality promotional items. Aprons, bags, cups, wallets, coasters, puzzles and so on, can be personalized according to your needs and desires.

Stay tuned for new projects

At the beginning of this year 2021, rest assured that Normand Huberdeau always has new projects in mind and that we will hear from him again in the near future; at least, that’s what he told me recently!

Ghislain P., one of his many friends!

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